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Overall, the Vegas Chamber is the voice for your business in government. It fights for your business every day, actively developing and promoting policy positions on critical issues impacting the business community, as well as continuously asserting its role as the leading business organization in the state on your behalf at all levels of government.

A common sense approach to good governance considers:

  • Is the problem truly in need of a legislative or government solution?
  • What are the long-term ramifications and unintended consequences of the proposal?
  • Will it help or harm employers, small businesses, job creation, or the economic climate?

Common sense matters in governance because it demonstrates to constituents that lawmakers are focused on the big picture; are open-minded and transparent; and want to address issues that are truly problematic.

To download: Why Common Sense Matters, click here.

Vegas Chamber Washington D.C. Fly-In 2023

Join the Vegas Chamber for its annual trip to Washington, D.C. This year’s Fly-in will be September 17-22.

Every year, Nevada’s business leaders go to Washington, D.C. to advocate and meet with policy makers on federal issues that directly impact employers. It is the largest Fly-in of business leaders from Nevada to Washington, D.C.

This year’s trip will be comprised of meetings with Congressional members, think tanks, national trade organizations, and policy groups. We will also be hosting several receptions during the trip to further build relationships with Congressional leadership and to strengthen existing connections.

Don’t miss out, join your fellow Chamber members and business leaders in Washington, D.C. and help make a difference.

To check out the video Las Vegas in DC 2022 Recap at LV IN DC 2022 RECAP – YouTube

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The Vegas Chamber’s Government Affairs team:

  • Promotes policy priorities that support the expansion of business and job creation
  • Protects employers
  • Commissions thorough, ongoing policy reports and research
  • Furthers economic development initiatives and activities

A fundamental component of the Vegas Chamber’s mission is to advocate the views of the business community to our elected officials. This is done by engaging elected officials in meaningful policy discussions on your behalf. The Government Affairs team identifies, develops, and recommends policy to the Government Affairs Committee. The committee is a dynamic volunteer committee of Vegas Chamber leaders who meet monthly to guide the Vegas Chamber in its public policy positions, such as representing the best interests of business through candidate endorsements, contributions, and grassroots campaign support.

Government Affairs Team

The Government Affairs team keeps you informed of important issues facing your business through newsletters, policy reports, political events, and policy committee meetings. With more than 50 years of combined public policy and advocacy experience on staff, the Vegas Chamber’s Government Affairs team are experts in your corner every day. Feel free to reach out to the team with any questions you may have.

Paul J. Moradkhan – Senior Vice President of Government Affairs

Abbie Johnson – Manager of Political Affairs and Fundraising

Trevor Parrish – Manager of Government Affairs

Nicholas Schneider – Government Affairs Analyst

Phone: 702.641.5822

  • Government Affairs Committee Members

    The Vegas Chamber’s legislative and policy priorities are developed by its Government Affairs Committee. This is a group of Vegas Chamber members who analyze issues and make determinations that guide the Vegas Chamber’s positioning on matters to promote fiscal responsibility at the state and local government levels, improve our education system, and strengthen the business environment and economy in Southern Nevada. The committee also makes decisions regarding endorsements of candidates and political contributions.


    • Hugh Anderson, Chairman, Government Affairs Committee, Hightower Las Vegas
    • Paul Anderson, Chairman, Board of Trustees Boyd Gaming Corporation
    • Robert Novotny, Chairman-Elect, Skyracer Consulting
    • Michael Feder, Immediate Past Chair, Board of Trustees, Dickinson Wright
    • Gina Bongiovi, Bongiovi Law Firm
    • Michael Britt, Red Rock Resorts, Inc
    • Michael Bolognini, MFB Enterprises
    • Mark Brown, Miracle Flights
    • MaryKaye Cashman
    • Tim Cashman, The Cashman Companies
    • Lisa de Marigny, Omni Limousine, Inc.
    • J.T. Foley, Las Vegas Sands
    • Betsy Fretwell, Switch
    • Craig S. Galati, LGA, Inc.
    • Jason Gray, MGM Resorts International
    • Keith Hansen, Allegiant Travel Company
    • Dave Howell, Wells Fargo
    • Karlos LaSane, Caesars Entertainment Corp.
    • Chad Leavitt, Findlay Automotive Group
    • Scott Leedom, Southwest Gas
    • Todd Mason, Wynn Resorts
    • Meghan McLean Fair, Anderson, & Langerman
    • Erin McMullen Midby, Vice Chair, Government Affairs Committee, Boyd Gaming Corporation
    • George F. Ogilvie III, Esq., McDonald Carano LLP
    • John O’Reilly, O’Reilly Law Group
    • Damon Schilling, AMR/Medic West
    • Greta Seidman, Opportunity 180
    • Jennifer Simich, Republic Services
    • Craig Stevens, Cox Communications
    • Judy Stokey, NV Energy
    • Todd Sklamberg, Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center
    • Ted Wiens, Jr., Ted Wiens Tire & Auto
          • The Rundown Newsletter: Legislative Session Edition

            The Rundown is the Vegas Chamber’s way of getting you involved in all legislative happenings at the local, state and federal levels of government. This weekly digital newsletter will give you the inside scoop on what legislation the Vegas Chamber is currently working on, on the behalf of our Chamber members. Through this newsletter, you will learn about the bills we are supporting and opposing as well as how you can get involved in advocating for your business. Whether you are a legislative expert or just getting in the game, this newsletter will help you all the same. Gain a greater perspective of what the Vegas Chamber’s legislative stances are and what we are doing directly to support your business.


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