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Thank you for your interest in the Government Affairs Policy Committees. The Vegas Chamber established Policy Committees exclusively for Chamber members and their employees to engage in conversations on topics and issues relevant and impactful to our community. Policy committees give members an opportunity to participate in dialogue with industry and community leaders, subject matter and policy experts, and others on Southern Nevada’s most pressing issues.

Education Policy Committee

The Education Policy Committee is committed to supporting the development of a skilled workforce needed for regional economic growth and expansion. This committee engages in primary, secondary and higher education issues focusing on quality schools, closing achievement gaps, and examines trends, policies, and areas of interest in the subject of workplace.

Economic Development & Workforce Policy Committee

Economic Development Policy Committee is designed to support, foster, and advance development and redevelopment projects in Southern Nevada. This group focuses on the current economic development needs and plans for emerging economic and social demands to assert Southern Nevada’s position as a prime destination for business.

Federal Affairs Policy Committee

The Federal Affairs Policy Committee maintains a robust presence on federal issues by engaging on strategic priorities that are designed to move Southern Nevada’s economy forward. This is done by engaging with a variety of federal policy makers, stakeholders, and think-tanks in Washington, D.C. This committee works to educate members with Nevada’s Congressional delegation on major strategic federal policy issues that impact global competitiveness and the ability for businesses to create and retain jobs.

Gaming & Tourism Policy Committee

The Gaming and Tourism Policy Committee recognizes the importance of tourism and gaming as an essential element of the economic development and prosperity in Southern Nevada. The committee analyzes and supports policies that strengthen Las Vegas’ places as the top destination for gaming, tourism, conventions, entertainment, sports, and business.

Healthcare & Insurance Policy Committee

Healthcare & Insurance Policy Committee concentrates its efforts on the quality and consistency of healthcare and insurance services an important tenant to the overall well-being and future growth of the Southern Nevada. The committee acknowledges the changing landscape of the healthcare industry and there identifies opportunity for growth to help diversify Nevada’s workforce. This committee is charged with informing and educating employers, and employees to promote statewide access to high quality health care.

Legal & Financial Services Policy Committee

Legal & Financial Services Policy Committee focuses on legal reform Tort reform measures and a strong financial service industry as the cornerstone to improving Nevada’s competitiveness in the marketplace. This committee works to ensures members are educated on Nevada’s legal system for settling disputes, tort reform, and environment for business-friendly litigation. A well-balanced legal environment helps create a business-friendly environment for businesses to open, expand, and thrive. The committee also works with the financial services industry to develop innovative practices in the marketplace.

Local Government Policy Committee

The Local Government Policy Committee works to study proposed government activities/ordinances for their impact on business and favorably influence the actions of local governments in Southern Nevada to create and enhance a positive business environment. The committee invites local government elected and appointed officials to discuss issues that affect the business community.

Transportation, Infrastructure & Construction Policy Committee

The Transportation, Infrastructure & Construction Policy Committee is committed to improving the condition and performance of its infrastructure for regional, national, and global competitiveness. This committee promotes and supports understanding, development, funding, and implementation of infrastructure projects in Southern Nevada and examines statewide policies related to transportation, infrastructure, and construction, including highways, bridges, waterways, transit, railways, and runways, in addition to commercial and residential construction.

Water, Energy, Public Lands & Natural Resources Policy Committee

The Water, Energy, Public Lands & Natural Resources Policy Committee’s objective is to educate members and the community on environmental policies that are responsive to Southern Nevada’s unique needs. The committee is committed to investing in energy research, education, commercialization, and energy policies. The committee promotes a vibrant and growing economy while maintaining and managing the region’s water supply and other natural resources.


For more information, about the Chamber’s policy committees please contact:

Trevor Parrish

Manager of Government Affairs

Vegas Chamber

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Cell: 702.205.7232


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