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As a data-driven organization, the Chamber utilizes public policy and research reports to advocate, educate, and promote important legislation within our community. This helps further economic development, support regional competitiveness and maintain a pro-prosperity environment for Chamber members, like you.

Potential Costs of Proposed Legislation That Would Open the Option for Nevada State Employees to Engage in Collective Bargaining.

In the report and analysis prepared by RCG Economics LLC, it is estimated that the incremental costs of implementing collective bargaining for state workers to the State of Nevada would cause “an increase of approximately $1.7 billion to $1.75 billion per year by 2034, or by an annual 6.9 to 7.1 percent, above the current policy of no collective bargaining for state workers”. Take a look at the full report:

Vegas Chamber Legislative Summaries

After each legislative session, the Vegas Chamber releases a comprehensive legislative summary book detailing the bills in which it engaged, how they would impact the business community, the Chamber’s position on the bill, and the outcome of it.

K-12 Education Policy Reports

U.S. Chamber Foundation Early Childhood Education Reports

The Vegas Chamber collaborates with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation on the business case for quality early childhood education programs. Read the below reports today on the ROI on early childhood education programs and how such programs develop the workforce of tomorrow we need.

Early Childhood Education Reports

Presentation in April 2013 delivered to the Vegas Chamber from Kati Haycock, President of the Education Trust, on the educational landscape in the U.S. and how Nevada compares. During the presentation, Haycock offered ideas, suggestions and steps to move forward to give the students of Southern Nevada the best opportunities to graduate high school and prepare for college and the workforce. View the presentation here.

Public Employee Compensation Reports

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