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State Priorities

Vegas Chamber’s 2021 Legislative Mission

The Vegas Chamber recently released its legislative mission and priorities for the legislative session entitled Recover. Rebuild. Reinvent Nevada Together. At the Vegas Chamber, we believe one thing that has not changed is when we as Nevadans are faced with challenges, we can come together to address adversity. When we say we are at a crossroads, we have the option of either working together and building a stronger future or letting our differences divide us and paralyze our economic recovery. Our legislative guiding principles are

  • Committed to preserving a business climate where all employers, employees, and entrepreneurs can succeed and thrive;
  • Advocate and pursue public policies that will foster economic development, growth and job creation; and
  • Believe in policy priorities that will promote entrepreneurship and innovation, support small business success, and spur job creation as part of our economic recovery for all Nevadans.

To learn more about the Chamber’s legislative mission, click here.

The Vegas Chamber engages at the state level, staking a full-time presence in Carson City during the biannual legislative sessions, monitoring more than 500 bills and testifying on behalf of the business community to fight against legislation that impedes growth and job creation, and fighting for opportunities for our region to advance.


State Legislative Principles:

  • Less Regulatory Burden  Ensuring that job creators are not punished. As our economy recovers and businesses begin to grow, any regulation must make common sense and be effective, efficient, and enforceable. We will contest any unnecessary or burdensome regulation that would be a barrier to growth, profitability, and jobs or have a disproportionate impact on business. Where regulation is appropriate, we press for fair and balanced guidelines so the business community in general or specific industries are not unfairly or disproportionately targeted and can fairly compete.
  • More Efficiency in Government  Ensuring that businesses are better off next year than last. Employers must have every opportunity to grow and succeed. We must have transparent, efficient, predictable, and effective processes for licensing, inspections, and any other government requirement that would affect a business’ operations. We are vigilant in protecting against inefficient government spending and advancing greater government accountability – at the local, state, or educational institution level.
  • Building Our Future Workforce  Ensuring current and future employer needs are met and attracting more advanced industries to our communities by better preparing our students for the jobs of the future. The Vegas Chamber pushes for a myriad of education reforms, including modernizing our higher education system so that universities and community colleges can align their programs more closely with the needs of employers. As businesses are the largest customer of our public school system, your voice needs to be heard on where your current and future needs are. The Vegas Chamber acts as a convener and a microphone for the voice of our region’s employers.
  • Keeping it Local, Keeping it in Nevada  Ensuring that local money stays local. Our employers need to be rewarded for their efforts and it is time to level the playing fields. Our local businesses are paying fees and taxes – making investments in facilities, infrastructure, and systems that power our community and lay the foundation for more local jobs. We must make sure the government procurement process is designed to recognize the investment and contributions that our Nevada businesses are making.

State Policy Areas of Focus:

  • State business climate
  • Higher education
  • K-12 education
  • Governance
  • Infrastructure investment

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