Anthem Balanced Funding Health Plan

Vegas Chamber Health Plan Offering for Employers with 5+ Employees

Vegas Chamber offers a health plan for employers with 5 or more enrolled employees called “Anthem Balanced Funding” through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. This is an opportunity for businesses to experience predictability and cost savings, all in one health plan.

Why this plan?

  • Anthem Balanced Funding provides you annual savings potential with built-in safeguards to cap your costs.
  • Protect the health of your employees and keep predictable monthly payments.
  • Skip some of the fees and taxes of traditional, fully-insured plans.

The financial control you deserve and the savings you have earned

Your monthly payment is all-inclusive and covers administrative services, stop loss insurance and claims liability. If the amount of your claims is more than what you have paid, you do not owe more.

You are covered when you have a good claims year or a bad claims year

A bad year means higher-than-expected claims, but you do not need to worry. Stop loss protection takes care of these costs.

Built-in safeguards to cap your costs

Savings start day one. You can avoid the worry of certain fees and taxes with Anthem Balanced Funding plans.

Choice and simplicity

You deserve access to a large suite of plans and health provider choices as well as high-quality doctors and hospitals close to home — and across the country — through the BlueCard® program. You can also have secure access to online tools to enroll your employees and make changes to their accounts in real time.

NEW Exclusive Plans for Vegas Chamber members – Effective 10/1/2021

Vegas Chamber members have access to four exclusive plans not accessible by the general public. These plans offer a variety of choices that will help employers make sure that they have ample choices for their employees. Ask your Vegas Chamber member broker for details about these plans!

To learn more about Anthem Balanced Funding, contact the Vegas Chamber at 702.641.5822 or reach out to your Vegas Chamber member health insurance professional. If you need a broker, please contact the Vegas Chamber.

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