Stay Safe, Stay Open

In response to rising COVD-19 case numbers, concerns over the infectivity of the delta variant among the unvaccinated population, and concerns relating to hospital capacity, the Clark County Commission has reinstated a limited mask requirement for businesses. This applies to employees of all businesses within both unincorporated Clark County, and incorporated cities.

Per the County mandate, starting Thursday, 7/22/21, businesses must require all employees in public and common areas to wear masks, regardless of vaccination status. Employees working in offices and cubicles may remove masks when alone.

Read the Amendment to Clark County Mitigation Plan


Also starting Thursday, 7/22/21, businesses will be required to post signage encouraging customers to wear masks, if they have not done so already. Businesses will not be required to enforce customers to wear masks. We have included high resolution images of example posters provided by the Southern Nevada Health District that may be printed and displayed in businesses.

Large businesses mentioned by the Southern Nevada Health District, and planned events with 250 or more attendees must submit plans to the Clark County business licensing department outlining efforts to keep their employees safe from COVID-19. The County states that all plans will be kept confidential.

Currently, the County Commission has placed the mandate in effect until 8/17/21 when the issue will be revisited. Until then we encourage everyone to get visit the SNHD website for more information on how to schedule a vaccination appointment.

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