Government Affairs Federal Consultant

Request for Proposal: Government Affairs Federal Consultant


The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce (”the Chamber”) is requesting proposals for government
affairs consultant services from qualified individuals or firms with experience in providing federal and
government lobbying services in Washington, D.C
The Chamber is the largest business organization in Nevada. Its members employ close to a quarter of a million employees. Founded in the early days of Las Vegas, the Chamber has a strong legacy of
protecting and strengthening the economic health of the region by providing a voice for businesses at all levels of government.

In addition to advocacy initiatives to support a strong and healthy economy, the Chamber provides a
powerful variety of tools, resources, products and services for businesses. For example, it provides a full events calendar of more than 100 events annually to help members connect and do business with one another, cost-saving programs that help its members’ bottom lines, exposure through the Chamber’s website, Business Voice (the Chamber’s monthly magazine) and social media, information and timely news updates to help its members make better business decisions, and advocacy and representation at all levels of government to build a healthy economic climate and quality of life.

The Chamber is located at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts in the center of Downtown Las
Vegas. It is surrounded by vibrant central business districts and is in close proximity to centers of
government, including Clark County, City of Las Vegas and City of North Las Vegas. The Smith Center is at the center of community and culture, and the Chamber is focused on jobs and growing the economy.


The Chamber is seeking consultant services to assist in developing, pursuing and executing its public
policy and federal priorities. Assistance will include strategic development and execution regarding a
variety of matters including without limitation: preparing and presenting briefing memos for the
Chamber’s CEO and volunteer leadership, preparing information for members of Congress, providing
updates and feedbacks on federal legislation and agency rules, and coordinating with stakeholders on
various federal issues and priorities, including assisting with the Chamber’s annual Washington, D.C. Flyin.

The selected consultant(s) will work closely with the Chamber’s government affairs team under the
direction of designated Chamber team members. The following are examples of some of the services to be provided:

  • Actively communicate and provide real-time updates as needed during the Congressional
    Sessions on information gathered from meetings, hearings, and/or discussions of relevance to
    priority legislation that will impact Nevada’s businesses or the overall business community.
  • At the direction of the Chamber, liaison with Nevada’s Congressional Delegation in Washington,
    D.C. and during Congressional District Work Periods.
  • Monitor key congressional committee hearings, sub-committee hearings, field hearing, and
    relevant meetings on priority issues relevant to the Chamber’s federal portfolio.
  • Collaborate with the Chamber team to develop and implement federal strategies to execute on
    the priority issues.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and business partners on federal issues to promote mutual
  • Assist in arranging meetings with Nevada’s Congressional Delegation, congressional members
    from neighboring states, committee chairs, ranking members and members of the Executive
    branch including federal agencies.
  • Assist in securing congressional members, federal policy makers and stakeholders to speak at
  • Chamber events in both Las Vegas and Washington, D.C.
  • Assist in identifying key congressional members to sponsor legislation, assist with amendments
    and/or provide leadership on priority issues.
  • Communicate the Chamber’s positions and policies to the appropriate congressional members,
    agency leaders, staff and stakeholders.
  • Assist Chamber in tracking legislation that impacts Nevada’s business community.
  • Review legislation and advise Chamber on issues that may impact the business community, the
  • Chamber itself and its members.
  • Assist in drafting legislation, amendments, arguments, talking points, collateral material,
    education material, testimony for volunteer members and presentations.
  • Assist the Chamber in preparing reports for the Chamber and Nevada’s Congressional Members.
  • Assist in monitoring issues and committees, providing coverage at congressional hearings,
    including testimony and legislative engagement.
  • Maintain a presence in Washington, D.C. during the Congressional Session.
  • Attend Chamber meetings in person/via conference call to provide updates and to engage on
    strategic discussions with Chamber leadership.
  • Assist and help coordinate with the Chamber’s in-house staff on the annual Washington, DC Flyin, which includes logistical support, securing venue and meeting space, speakers, identifying
    potential sponsors and members.



  • Proposals will be accepted only from respondents that meet the following qualifications:
    Qualified to conduct business in the State of Nevada with a valid Nevada business license.
  • Commitment to disclosing any existing or future relationships that may be considered a conflict
    of interest or raise a question whether a conflict of interest in the representation of the
    Chamber may exist.
  • Federal lobbying experience with a preference of a deep understanding of Nevada politics and


This RFP is not an offer, obligation, or agreement to award work to any individual, organization, or firm.
Once a consultant is or consultants are selected, non-exclusive agreements will be negotiated for an
initial contract term of two years. During the term of the agreement, performance evaluations will be
conducted, and, in the sole discretion of the Chamber, the agreement may be renewed for two
additional, consecutive two-year terms without going through an RFP process. The contract may be
canceled at any time with a 30-day notice by either party.

Questions concerning this RFP shall be directed to:

Paul Moradkhan
Senior Vice President of Government Affairs
Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce
575 Symphony Park Ave., Ste. 100
Las Vegas, Nevada 89106


An original and two (2) copies of the proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked
“Government Affairs Consultant RFP” and received by the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce not later than Friday, January 24, 2020 4:30 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time. RFPs should be addressed as noted in Section A. Hand deliveries of proposals are accepted at the address above from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. It is the respondent’s responsibility to ensure the proposal is received by the Chamber by the date and time specified above. Late proposals will not be considered.


To be eligible for evaluation, the proposal must adhere to the format below. The RFP response must be submitted in a standard 8-1/2” x 11” format for ease of reproduction. Each of the required sections
identified must be addressed and specifically labeled. The content of the proposal will be as follows:

1. Cover Letter: The proposal shall include a cover letter providing a statement of interest including why the respondent is interested in working as the Chamber’s consultant and why the respondent is
2. Description of Qualifications: In detail provide an overview of experience, qualifications, and
capabilities to work as the consultant for the Chamber.
3. Description of Execution on a Successful Outcome: Provide a detailed example/description of the
respondent’s involvement and success in execution of an advocacy outcome. Describe the involvement, strategic analysis, direction and execution.
4. List of Clients: Affirm that you will provide and keep updated (at all appropriate times) a list of clients for whom you will perform lobbying services at the state and local government levels.
5. List of References: Provide a list of references for whom you have performed lobbying duties in the
past. If listing a company or agency name, provide a point of contact, the contact’s phone number, email address and a current mailing address.
6. Conflict of Interest Disclosure: Affirm that you will be prepared at all appropriate times to disclose
any relationships that may be considered a conflict of interest or may raise a question whether conflict
of interest may arise or exist with the representation of the Chamber.
7. Annual Compensation: Provide a compensation proposal for the initial term and any additional terms of the contract including a detailed proposal for the handling of expenses and preferred payment schedule.


All costs incurred by the respondents in preparation of this proposal will be the responsibility of the
respondent and will not be reimbursed by the Chamber. The Chamber reserves the right to reject any
and/or all proposals received in response to this RFP.


  • The Chamber is seeking consultants with substantial lobbying experience in Washington, D.C. To that
    end, general knowledge of and the ability to navigate the Federal legislative process as well as a working knowledge of the legislative and political process, will be important criteria in the evaluation process. Experience working with the business community, stakeholders and their issues is also an important evaluation criterion. Other factors that may be considered in evaluating the RFP response include:
  • Past relevant lobbying experience including experience with similar types of clients.
  • Demonstrated success in advancing legislative initiatives and getting positive results.
  • Experience working with organizations and groups to build consensus and support common
  • List of References.
  • Transparency with conflict disclosure.

Responses that contain false and misleading statements may be rejected. The services being
sought pursuant to this RFP are not exclusive to the selected contractor(s). Nothing in this RFP
or any resulting agreement shall preclude the Chamber from obtaining services similar to those
described herein from sources other than the selected contractor(s) with or without an RFP


The Chamber will review proposals and select the respondents who will be interviewed by a designated Chamber committee. The interviews will be conducted to obtain more information and discuss issues that will help the Chamber determine who should be selected as consultant(s). Efforts will be made to conduct such interviews at mutually convenient times. The submission of a proposal does not guarantee an interview. The Chamber also reserves the right to base its decisions solely on the written responses to the RFP.


A respondent may withdraw all or a portion of its submitted response to this RFP at any time by
notifying the Chamber in writing of its withdrawal. Withdrawal of a response will not prejudice the
respondent’s right to submit a new, timely response. Oral modifications of any RFP submission will not be considered. Materials submitted in response to the RFP become property of the Chamber and may be returned only at the Chamber’s discretion and at the expense of the respondent.

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