U.S. Bank Coaching and Growth Center

You’ve never had this kind of support before.

This innovative new program will take you, your business and your employees to the next level. We’re the first Chamber in the country to offer free goals coaching to our members and their employees. Whether you’re thinking about growing your business or growing your family, adapting to a new business model or establishing your legacy – a goals coach can help you identify what matters most and how to get there, combined with the power of Chamber resources.

“My coach reminded me why I started my practice in the first place. We talked about my goals for the business and what kind of leader I want to be. I felt renewed, energized, ready for what’s ahead.”

– Business owner, dentist

Reconnect with your “why”

Passion is at the heart of every business, and yours brought you this far. Working with a coach, you can reconnect with your purpose, ignite a creative spark, and set a path forward.

Offer your employees coaching where money meets life

Inspire your employees’ personal and professional growth by integrating goals coaching into how you support your employees.

How it works

In a 60-minute session, your coach will help you (and your partner) explore your goals, map your personalized timeline, and begin prioritizing the steps to get there. Here are some of the goals you can discuss:

Buy a home
Grow My Family
Live within my means
Prepare for the unexpected
Retire on my terms
Simplify my finances
Buy a home
Invest in property
Make the most of my money
Pursue a passion
Save for education
Start my own business
Give to charity
Lave a legacy
Mange my debt
Remodel my home
Save or invest for something big
Support someone who needs me

Here are some ways you might work with a coach:

  • Strengthening your leadership skills
  • Reimagining your business model in a post-covid environment
  • Weighing big decisions like expansion or succession planning
  • Financial goals like paying down debt or investing in property
  • Personal goals such as pursuing a passion

Meet our coaches

Goals coaches are U.S. Bank employees trained in behavioral science and goal achievement. They are not allowed to sell products or give specific financial advice. If your goals include a financial component, we’ll bring in experts when you’re ready.

Meet Jill

Professional background includes:
Navy veteran, project manager and human resources director

“I believe ‘I can’ are the two most powerful words we can pair, so I often say to a client, “When there is no wind, row.”

Meet Walt

Professional background includes:
20-year Air Force veteran, business consulting and coaching

“I love helping businesses connect with their value proposition.”

Meet Nicole

Professional background includes:
Educator with undergraduate and graduate studies in Psychology

“I am passionate about empowering and motivating individuals to work toward and achieve goals they have set for themselves and their families.”

Meet Ana

Professional background includes:
Bank management, coach and small business development

“I’m here to help you see the big picture, find your ‘why’ and break your goals down to achievable pieces.”


If you have questions or want help selecting your coach, fill out this form and we’ll help you get started.

Why are we bringing goals coaching to our members?

We believe life and business guidance should be available to everyone. When you are successful, achieving the goals you set… you’ll in turn invest more with us. As the first Chamber in the country to offer goals coaching, we are excited to combine the power of the Vegas Chamber and U.S. Bank Goals Coaching to help take you, your business, and the Las Vegas business community to amazing places.