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In this difficult time, it’s more critical than ever to support each other.

That’s why the Vegas Chamber created an unprecedented partnership with Switch, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) Foundation and ItsOnMe® to launch the “Switch to Kindness!” campaign.

This partnership not only supports Southern Nevada’s businesses by infusing cash into their coffers, but it also supports Southern Nevada’s frontline first responders like law enforcement, healthcare, fire, and emergency medical services personnel, to name a few. 

As a thank you for their selfless dedication and commitment to care for others in our community, we’ve crafted this unique campaign that gives back directly to the first responders in Southern Nevada.

Powered by Switch and through the infrastructure and credibility of the LVMPD Foundation, the Vegas Chamber has partnered with ItsOnMe® to now offer a one-stop-shop platform to purchase electronic gift cards from local businesses, which will then be distributed to Southern Nevada first responders by the LVMPD Foundation.

How can you help and how does “Switch to Kindness!” work?

  • Go to the Switch to Kindness! donation platform
  • Choose a participating business to buy an electronic gift card in your desired amount (amounts in increments of $25, $50 and $100; unlimited number)
  • Follow instructions for payment
  • Through the Vegas Chamber portal, the electronic gift card will be automatically delivered to the LVMPD Foundation, which administers the distribution to Southern Nevada first responders through its existing, proven distribution network.
Switch to Kindness Social Toolkit


How can Vegas Chamber members become a business on the site that users can buy e-gift cards from?

  • Vegas Chamber members may elect to participate in this program as a vendor from whom donors can purchase e-gift cards.
  • Businesses who are NOT Vegas Chamber members may participate by receiving a temporary FREE membership to the Vegas Chamber, and then elect to become a participating vendor.
  • Interested businesses that would like to be listed on the site for e-gift card purchase can register here.

Switch to Kindness! Frequently Asked Questions

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Donate Gifts Cards Now