The Rundown: Legislative Edition – Feb. 5, 2021

Issue 3 | Feb. 5, 2021
Number of Days Until Legislative Session Ends: 115

In this issue:

  • Chamber Releases 2021 Legislative Mission
  • Legislative Committee Agendas
  • Legislative Bill Updates
  • How to Testify
  • Legislature 101: Frequently Used Terms
  • Legislative Resources Available to Members
  • Rebuild. Reinvent Nevada Together: BizPAC

Chamber Releases 2021 Legislative Mission

This week, the Vegas Chamber released its legislative mission, Recover. Rebuild. Reinvent Nevada Together. At the Vegas Chamber, we believe one thing that has not changed is when we as Nevadans are faced with challenges, we can come together to address adversity. When we say we are at a crossroad, we have the option of either working together and building a stronger future or letting our differences divide us and paralyze our economic recovery.  Our legislative guiding principles are

  • Committed to preserving a business climate where all employers and employees can succeed and thrive;
  • Advocate and pursue public policies that will foster economic development, growth and job creation; and
  • Believe in policy priorities that will promote entrepreneurship and innovation, support small business success, and spur job creation as part of our economic recovery for all Nevadans.

To learn more about the Chamber’s legislative mission, click here.

Legislative Committee Agendas

Check out the legislative committee agendas for the upcoming week here. 

Legislative Bill Updates

Senate Bill 55
Revises Provisions Governing the Licensing and Regulation of Employee Leasing Companies
Legislative Summary: SB 55 changes the oversight of employee leasing companies such as temp agencies, moving the requirement to obtain a certification from the Nevada Department of Business and Industry to the office of the Insurance Commissioner while providing for general oversight from the Labor Commissioner. Currently, the Vegas Chamber is monitoring SB 55 from the neutral position as the changes as presented and amended are minor.
Primary Bill Sponsor: Senate Committee on Commerce and Labor
Position: Neutral

Senate Bill 15
Revises Provisions Relating to Grant Procurement, Coordination and Management
Legislative Summary: SB 15 provides for additional technical and administrative support to the state Office of Grant Procurement, Coordination and Management. The bill would allow for the development for a manual of policies and procedures relating to grant procurement, coordination and management for state agencies
Currently, the office is unable to fully utilize available federal grant dollars due to staff levels and scope of authority. It has been a longstanding Vegas Chamber priority, and a priority of the Southern Nevada Forum to support the State in efforts to capture more federal grant dollars that are available to states.
Primary Bill Sponsor: Senate Committee on Government Affairs
Position: Support

How to Testify

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nevada State Legislature has limited physical access to the legislative building and committee rooms until further notice. To accommodate public participation, the Legislative Counsel Bureau (LCB) has worked in coordination with committee chairs to facilitate remote testimony and public comment.

Detailed instructions on how to watch committee hearings, offer testimony or register an opinion without testifying can all be found here.

Legislature 101: Frequently Used Terms

Legislative reporting, bill summaries and write-ups of the session can often be filled with impenetrable seeming jargon making a full understanding of the process difficult. As part of our Advocacy 101 efforts, your Vegas Chamber Government Affairs team has put together a shortlist of frequently used legislative terms. While this list is not comprehensive, the National Council of State Legislatures and Nevada’s own LCB have compiled their own, more thorough lists.

120 Day Calendar– Every two years the Nevada State Legislature undertakes a 120-day legislative session beginning in February and continuing for 120 calendar days until Sine Die. This format is stipulated by the Nevada Constitution.

Bill- A draft of a proposed law, subject to the legislative approval process.

Bill Draft Request (BDR)- An initial proposal or concept for a bill submitted by a legislator or other eligible entity to the Legislative Counsel Bureau for review and full drafting.

Committee Hearing- A committee hearing is the first opportunity for a presentation of a bill by the sponsor and stakeholders. Committee hearings are also the first opportunity for public comment and testimony in support or opposition of a bill. For a bill to successfully pass, it must be approved in at least two committee hearings, one in the Assembly and one in the Senate.

Constituent- A Nevada resident within the district of a particular elected official. Used to identify which Assemblyman or Senator should be contacted by interested citizens.

Effective Date- A date by which provisions of a bill are enacted. Many bills entail changes that require time and guidance to properly implement will set effective dates several months past the end of the legislative session.

Emergency Clause- An emergency clause stipulates that the provisions of a bill are effective immediately upon passage. Bills with an emergency clause go into effect as soon as they are signed by the Governor.

Legislative Counsel Bureau (LCB)- The LCB is a team of legal professionals employed by the State of Nevada to provide legal analysis, bill drafting and other legislative services to the Assembly and Senate. LCB is responsible for drafting most of the bills that are heard during a legislative session.

Nevada Electronic Legislative Information System (NELIS)- A centralized location for information on each regular and special legislative session. NELIS contains information on committees, committee members, streams and videos of committee hearings, floor sessions and information on BDRs, bills amendments and the legislative calendar. NELIS can be used to track bills, committees and contact legislators.

Sine Die- Sine Die is Latin for “Without a Day” and refers to the final adjournment of Nevada’s 120 day regular legislative session.

Testimony- Testimony refers specifically to comments on bills being heard before a committee or during designated public comment times.

Legislative Resources Available to Members

During the Legislative Session, Vegas Chamber will once again be offering several important communication tools for members to stay informed and be engaged in the legislative process.
CHECK YOUR INBOX. Each Friday, “The Rundown” will give the latest breakdown of which bills the Vegas Chamber has been engaged with during the week at the Legislature, how we testified, and how you can support the Chamber in its efforts.

BECOME A CHAMBER ADVOCATE. Get engaged with the Chamber Advocate program. Becoming a Chamber Advocate helps the Vegas Chamber tell your story. We want to make sure that legislators know exactly who will be affected by their decisions, and your input is essential to this process. Help the Vegas Chamber advocate better on your behalf, as we keep you informed and make sure your voice as Nevada’s job creators is heard loud and clear!

The Vegas Chamber will walk you through the process of writing and calling legislators, as well as provide you with talking points if you want to post to social media or even testify on bills during legislative committee meetings. We will make it easy for you to get involved as we are here to advocate on your behalf. Your stories make the costs and benefits real to legislators, so help us make Southern Nevada the best place to do business. For more information about the call, please contact Dylan Keith at 702.641.5822.

THE CARSON CITY CALL, a monthly webinar with Vegas Chamber’s government affairs team, gives you insights and information live from the Legislature. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and engage with staff. The first Carson City Call for the legislative session will be on Tuesday, March 2 at 11 a.m. The call will continue the first Tuesday of every month at 11 a.m. during the legislative session. For more information about the call, please contact Dylan Keith at 702.641.5822.

ENGAGE IN THE PAUL CALL, for President’s Club and Advocacy members, is a biweekly conference call with Paul Moradkhan, the Vegas Chamber’s senior vice president of Government Affairs. Paul will discuss the issues important to you and your business. Hear the latest about what is happening in Carson City that could impact you. The first Paul Call for the legislative session will be on Thursday, Feb. 18 at 11 a.m., and will take place every other Thursday at 11 a.m. (President’s Club and Advocacy). For more information about the call, please contact Dylan Keith at 702.641.5822.

ANSWER THE CALLS TO ACTION. Be on the lookout for specific calls to action via Carson City Alerts. The Vegas Chamber will alert you, as a member, when a bill of particular importance to the business community will be heard. Please take the time to contact your legislators and let them know the impact a bill will have on your business, and that you stand with the Vegas Chamber and the business community. Alert your employees as well.

ENGAGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. The Vegas Chamber will post regularly about what’s happening up at the legislature, so be sure to follow @lvchamber on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to see the latest. Retweet the Chamber messages and consider posting your own social media posts and tagging the Chamber (@LVChamber).

CONTRIBUTE TO BIZPAC, the Vegas Chamber’s bipartisan political action committee. Hundreds of members, as well as Vegas Chamber staff, support this PAC to ensure the business community’s interests remain in front of our elected officials. Contributions help elect pro-prosperity candidates and ensure a business-friendly operating environment in Nevada. For more information on donating, visit or contact Erica Valdriz at 702.641.5822.

CONTACT THE VEGAS CHAMBER’S GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS TEAM. The Vegas Chamber employs the largest government affairs professional staff for a Chamber in Nevada. The Chamber also works with Jim Wadhams and Jesse Wadhams with Black & Wadhams, who are regarded for their extensive legal expertise, knowledge of policy polices and state legislative process. This team is dedicated to ensuring that state legislators hear from Nevada’s employers and employees. Contact them with any questions that you have may for the legislative session.

Paul Moradkhan
Senior Vice president of Government Affairs
Cell: 702.810.9124

David Dazlich
Director of Government Affairs
Cell: 702.205-7232

Erica Valdriz
Government Affairs Fundraising Coordinator
Cell: 702.245.8465

Dylan Keith
Government Affairs Analyst
Cell: 702.833.0081

Recover. Rebuild. Reinvent Nevada Together: BizPAC

Recover. Rebuild. Reinvent Nevada Together is BizPAC’s campaign to ensure that the business community’s needs are well represented in the 2021 Legislative Session. By contributing through the Recover. Rebuild. Reinvite Nevada Together initiative, you are helping to ensure that the individuals serving in office support Nevada’s employers and employees. With your support of BizPAC, you are uniting with other business leaders in demonstrating to candidates for public office that the business community in Nevada is actively engaged in the political process and are willing to stand against onerous bills that will hurt the business community.

Through BizPAC, a bipartisan political action committee, the Vegas Chamber:

  • Supports pro-economy policymakers
  • Works to protect laws that support the business community
  • Ensures your interests and concerns are kept in front of elected officials
  • Champions legislation that supports economic growth and job creation for the state

To learn more about contributing to BizPAC or sponsoring an upcoming event, please contact Erica Valdriz or 702.586.3846, or click here to donate now.